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Most of the cooking that you do in your mobile kitchen will be done using propane gas. But you also have electrical needs. And depending on your actual menu, they may be significant. But therein lies the rub, you are in a concession trailer or a food truck. You may not be able to "plug in" for your electrical needs. Which means that you have to provide for your needs with a generator. This may mean "scheduling" your equipment usage or even changing your menu. What do you do?


Well.... you ask us! We are the experts. As part of your initial design process, we will discuss your cooking needs and how we can design a trailer or food truck to achieve them. Our electrical design layout happens at the same time that the kitchen layout design does. That way, we can make sure that what we are putting together for you will actually work.


Here are some of the specifics of our Standard Electrical Package:

  • Moto Plug- This is an exterior plug that is installed directly into the wall of your trailer, right behind the breaker box, that allows for a Shore line to be plugged in to a generator or a permanent power source. 

  • 25" Shore Line with 220v/50amp plug. Longer lines are available for an additional fee. 

  • 100 amp Breaker Box. We also have extra electrical packages if your needs are greater than 100 amps

  • 110 volt receptacles at all required equipment, each with a dedicated breaker. 

  • 220 volt receptacles if necessary for your equipment, each with a dedicated breaker.

  • Interior Florescent lights as needed by design. LED packages are also available. 

  • Exterior "Carriage" style lights at the concession window. 

  • 1- 12 volt interior dome light that works when your trailer is hooked up to your vehicle without the generator running.

Exterior Moto Plug hooked up to a Shore Line

Interior View of the Breaker Box with no exterior electrical cord and no holes cut in the

bottom of the trailer

25 ft Shore Line with a 50 amp twist lock on one end for your Moto plug and a 4 prong 50 amp for your generator 

Grease-Approved Exhaust Fans 

This is an interior view of the Moto Plug. 

A "dog bone" adapter may be required if you are going to "plug in" at an event. Check on the type of service provided before you go. 

Let's get your dream started today! 


232 Friendship Church Road

Cleveland, GA 30528


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