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Mobile Kitchen, Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Red Fern Dynamics

I'm sure that you've heard the saying, "Now we're cooking with gas!"

Well in your mobile food kitchen, you will be!


There are only a few options for energy in a mobile kitchen:

*Electric power provided by a generator (in which amp usage is limited by the size of your generator)

*Shore line- This is where you actually "plug in" your trailer or food truck. There are some venues where you might have this option, which is awesome! But not all venues are like that. You must be able to operate in all conditions.

And last but not least, PROPANE GAS.

Most of your heavy-lifting cooking equipment will use propane gas. Equipment like your 2-6 eye stove tops, oven, fryers, griddle, chargrill, etc. will use liquid propane gas. Our gas systems are laid out and put together to meet your custom kitchen design. And each piece of equipment will have a separate shut-off valve for safety. We also custom-build propane racks to hold 100 lb propane tanks. These are like over-sized gas grill tanks and can be filled  by any certified propane provider. Two tanks should provide you with enough cooking gas for a couple of busy festivals or events. 

Each and every city and county municipality requires that you have a hood over each piece of gas equipment and that the hood has a grease-approved exhaust fan. This hood and fan will remove the heat and fumes from the trailer and will capture the grease created during cooking. This is not an option, it is a necessity in your mobile kitchen. The size of your hood is determined by the number of gas-cooking pieces of equipment.  Your hood and fan will require some easy maintenance, but if you take care of it properly you will get years of cooking from it. 

Contact us TODAY for your custom-designed Concession Trailer or Food Truck! 

Mobile Kitchen, Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Red Fern Dynamics

We offer Fire Suppression installed by certified techs.

Mobile Kitchen, Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Red Fern Dynamics
Grease-Approved Exhaust Fans 

Form follows function!

This picture shows three different sizes of grease approved up-blast exhaust fans. All three of them are great fans but air flow matters.

 One size does not fit all.  

But don't worry! We are the experts and can figure out exactly the fan that is appropriate for your needs. 

Let's get your dream started today! 


232 Friendship Church Road

Cleveland, GA 30528


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