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Mobile Kitchen, Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Red Fern Dynamics
Three Bay Sink under an aluminum work cover and a separate hand sink

Water is a necessity for life.


Water is also essential for your Mobile Food Kitchen. Per every local municipality code, you must have fresh (potable) water to cook with, to clean with, and to wash hands with. You must have a collection system for your dirty, used water (gray water.) And you must have a hot water heater for, well, hot water. There is also one more thing that you have to have per code and that is a separate hand washing sink.


Our Water Systems are designed to meet all of these needs in the most efficient and space-saving way. Ease of use is also important, as well as ease of maintenance. Our standard water system includes the following:

Mobile Kitchen, Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Red Fern Dynamics
  • A Three Bay sink with drain boards

  • 1 hand sink

  • All aluminum sink base

  • All aluminum sink face (not wood) with access openings

  • All aluminum sink cover to turn your sink system into a workspace countertop

  • 21 gallon fresh water tank- (minimum size, larger can be added)

  • 30 gallon gray water tank- (minimum size, larger can be added)

  • We also install underbelly tanks, grease traps and plumbing vents if needed. 

  • 4 gallon hot water heater- (minimum size, larger can be added. We also install Propane Hot Water Heaters)

  • Water Pump

  • PEX water lines

  •  Stainless Steel Braided connector lines

  • Exterior Water Connection to fill your tank or run your system

  • Exterior Drain Lines with hose connections

Exterior "city fill" connection with drains

Let's get your dream started today! 


232 Friendship Church Road

Cleveland, GA 30528


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